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Verônica holds a PhD in Food Science from UFMG and UPorto, Master in Ecology from UFJF and Biologist from UFJF. He has been a Q-Grader since 2013, with experience as a taster in coffee quality contests throughout Brazil. In 2014, he created his version of the Specialty Coffee Sensory Analysis course and taught at the best coffee shops and roasters in the country. She was a quality manager at Three Brothers Coffee and a partner in The Coffee Sensorium Project. He has taught on specialty coffees in Portugal, Germany, Russia, Australia, Israel and Italy.


Today she is an educator and consultant, responsible for courses such as Q-Grader Preparation, Roasting Chemistry and Coffee Extraction Kinetics. She is currently a candidate for the Post-Doctorate in Food Science at UFMG, responsible for the project to build roast profiles of coffee samples in different roasting equipment and evaluation by Fourier Transform Medium Infrared Spectroscopy and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance.

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