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Freshness in coffee

Freshness is one of the most critical aspects of quality for Specialty coffees. For roasted coffee, the conditions for maintaining freshness are also subject to some steps, such as the roasting profile, the packaging material, and the storage period. In addition, the oxidation and loss of many compounds represent chemical changes measured scientifically.

The volume and porosity enhancement are the most severe transformations dependent on the roasting profile. The high temperature and short-time roastings create a huge pressure inside the beans. The higher the inner pressure, the more severe the volume and porosity increase.

The porous structure of the beans communicates with the external atmosphere full of oxygen. So bigger porous facilitates the oxygen entrance, responsible for faster loss of freshness. However, nor everything is lost, because a suitable coffee container responsible for protecting the coffee beans from the atmosphere would keep your coffee freshness for a longer time.

Image: Smrke et. al., 2018.

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